With a view to avoiding any possibility of unintentional/random changes to the content or format of the electronic versions of RS Publications (rules, guidelines, instructions, etc.), that might be introduced due to the use of a software intended exclusively for editing/formatting and publication of paper versions (books), RS is currently converting all RS Publications into a new platform and format of documents/files.

    Due to the aforementioned conversion, the publication of updated versions might be delayed for some Rules/Guidelines due to unavailability of the converted versions that had to be further modified as per Circular Letters or agreed editorial amendments. RS does the best to make such a delay as short as possible. Until the dates of updated versions' publication the latest versions of RS Publications have to be used/applied/referred to together with the applicable Circular Letters providing information on recently approved, but not yet introduced, amendments to RS Publications and the entry-into-force dates of the amendments.

    Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) holds the exclusive right regarding the RS Publications published in print or electronic form.
RS shall not assign publishing and distribution rights for its publications to anyone in any form and by any means.
RS shall not bear responsibility for the content of publications published outside RS.
Purchase of such publications does not guarantee relevance and authenticity to the original version.Illicit publication by printers and other organizations of the RS Publications reprint (including the duplication of imprint of the official publication) and distribution of the RS Publications constitute a violation of the RS exclusive copyrights, for which civil, administrative and criminal sanctions shall be imposed on violators in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.